Sustainability at The Boathouse

View of the River Nith and Criffel from the Boathouse in Glencaple in Dumfries and Galloway
Here is a little about what we are doing to play our part…

In the building, we have:

  • increased insulation levels within the fabric of the building
  • low energy LED bulbs throughout the building in as many of the light fittings as possible
  • an upgraded air to water heat pump which generates the energy for underfloor heating and hot water
  • new solar panels on our south facing roof which also generate energy for heating and hot water

All of this together has helped us to reduce significantly our dependence on fossil fuels

In the café:

  • we are a ‘plastic straw free’ establishment
  • the children’s plates are made from sustainable bamboo
  • we offer a take home option for leftovers to reduce food waste
  • our UK-made takeaway coffee cups are lined with plant-based PLA and are completely compostable as food waste
  • our menu is focused on locally sourced ingredients and we have many vegan options available
  • we offer 20p off a hot drink takeaway to customers who bring their own cup
  • in the washrooms we use hypoallergenic soap which is biodegradable and certified by the Vegan Society
  • the handdryers in the washrooms run on energy generated by our solar panels, therefore avoiding the use of paper towels

In the shop:

  • we stock locally sourced produce
  • we have reduced plastic packaged products
  • we sell reuseable storage bags for loose fruit & vegetables
  • the pedal bin liners are 100% degradable
  • the bin bags are made from at least 50% recycled plastic
  • we stock biodegradable antibacterial bags for dog walkers
  • the fire lighters are FSC certified 100% biomass and are petroleum free
  • the cleaning products are all environmentally friendly and in recycled packaging
  • we offer refills for Ecover washing up liquid and laundry detergent
  • reusable water bottles are on the shelves to encourage our customers to refill; we do not sell water in plastic bottles
  • to avoid food waste, before food reaches its best before or use by date we will send it to the kitchen or Dumfries food bank

In the gift shop:

  • we have focused on traditional wooden toys and other sustainable gifts
  • the soft, hypoallergenic blankets we sell are woven from recycled plastic bottles

In the loos:

  • automatic lighting to save energy
  • environmentally friendly cleaning products and soap
  • low energy hand dryers (run from solar panels)
  • FSC approved toilet paper

These are more than just green credentials, we care deeply about the state in which we leave this planet for future generations

Overall, we recycle as much of our waste as possible, and we take part in litter clean ups on the local shoreline

We also offer a free coffee to anyone who collects and brings in a bucket of rubbish from the shoreline – buckets provided!

We will continue to make an effort to ‘tread lightly’ in every aspect of the business throughout 2018 and beyond